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Look and feel great

Christopher Alley is a lifestyle brand for men who care about their health, well-being and appearance.

With a focus on chemical-free and vegan-friendly cosmetic products that maintain and improve both hair and skin.


Are all your products natural?

Yes, we take pride in being an environmently friendly brand.  We want to be as sustainable as possible, whilst maintaining quality and being cost effective.

Are your products vegan?

The majority of the Christopher Alley collection is vegan. The lip balm is not vegan as it contains beeswax. The beard oil, balm and the rest of the collection are vegan. Please read the ingredients if in doubt.

What are the benefits of Soy Candles?

Paraffin candles have a stronger aroma but produce high levels of soot which can stain walls. Soy candles burn for longer, are sustainable and have a cleaner burn. Soy candles ideal for spa’s, meditating and candle lit meals as they do not interfere with taste or release high levels of toxic chemicals (indoor pollution).

Can I use both beard oil and balm at the same time?

Certainly! We encourage you to invent your own unique hair & skincare routines. Beard oil is for your skin, beard balm is for your hair and styling. Both your skin and hair are required to be in good health to grow a healthy beard! Use the two in combination, ensuring not to use excess. REMBEMBER…. a little goes a long way!